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All speaking engagements are tailor-made for each audience, which have included physicians at major teaching hospitals, employees of corporations, parent associations in high schools, school personnel, mental health professionals,and high school students.

My educational presentations focus on the emotional challenges of college, identifying students at risk for difficulties, and how to empower teens and college students to gain key life skills to navigate a successful college experience.


Parenting Workshops

The Launching Years: Parenting Your Teen Toward a Successful College Transition & Beyond

Parents will be empowered to make the high school experience an opportunity to give their teens the crucial life skills that will serve them well in the college. This one hour presentation will inform parents about what college life is like today and what stressors to expect during the freshman year. Issues important to consider for parents who have teens with learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, and mental health issues will be addressed. With this information, parents will understand how to help their teens build confidence and competence for the challenges of college. Parents’ changing roles during high school and beyond will also be addressed.

Stress-busters for the College Selection/Application Process: A Guide for Parents

The college-bound process can be anxiety-provoking for you and your teen. This workshop will help you to successfully navigate the junior and senior years with a goal of maintaining meaningful communication with your teen. Tips will be given about how to make the application process less of a battle, while encouraging skills in your teens to give them confidence. Parents will learn about “senioritis” and the unique aspects of the launching process.

A Guide for Separated or Divorced Parents: Effectively Supporting Your Teens for a Successful College Transition

This one hour workshop will enlighten parents about the challenges of the college transition and the unique issues and concerns for parents who are separated or divorced. Parents will learn about the stressors that all freshman face on college campuses today, gain an understanding of the impact of divorce on this developmental stage, and the particular vulnerability of this population. I will also address Issues to seriously consider during the college selection/application process, handling milestone events, and effectively supporting the teens.

Lead By Example

In a two-session small group experience, change what’s important to you to be a wonderful role model for your family.


 Other titles for parenting programs have included:

Key Life Skills

Partner with your child/teen to develop the skills that will serve them well on the college terrain and in life!

Maximize Your College Investment

Parenting Your Teens for a Successful College Transition.

College Life Uncensored

Panel of college students discussing the real deal on college life 


Educational consultants:

How to Facilitate a Successful College Transition for Students and Parents

This workshop will enable educational consultants to increase the odds of their students making a successful college transition. For a variety of reasons, the college environment can be very challenging. Low retention rates, high transfer rates, academic failure, mental health crises and suicides are often the unfortunate result. You will leave the workshop understanding the crucial life skills students need for success, how to identify at-risk high school students, and effective strategies for students and parents.



Mental Health professionals/Social Workers:

The College Transition: Relevant Issues and Effective Interventions for Teens and Parents

 Learn about the stressors that freshmen face, and the latest reports on the emotional life of college students. Raise your awareness on how YOU can be helpful to High School students and parents by encouraging key life skills and making appropriate referrals. 



The College Transition: Relevant Issues and Effective Interventions for Teens and Parents

Objectives of this one credit continuing medical education program: Physicians learned to identify key issues impacting the emotional life of college students today, to communicate better with their college bound students, and to initiate appropriate referrals for students who may need guidance during the critical pre-college period



College Life Uncensored

Panel of college students discussing the real deal on college life 

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