Every child, teenager, young adult or adult who contacts me is unique.  What my clients have in common is that they are struggling with an emotion, relationship, obstacle, transition, or decision in their lives. I am committed to helping each client achieve their personal goals and find inner peace, develop confidence, and feel optimism for their future.


Middle school and high school students and parents

When I meet with middle school and high school students and their parents, we discuss and evaluate the history of current issues, medical, academic, and social history, current enjoyments and challenges, and goals for psychotherapy. In a safe, confidential and caring environment, we work together on their current challenges by gaining insight and learning new coping skills and behaviors. Parents are always included in the therapeutic process. I use evidence-based approaches including mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and meditation.

College bound students

In a collaborative interactive style, we create a college success plan based on the high school student’s issues and/or diagnosis, which may include social anxiety, ADD, ADHD, depression, and/or stress-related physical symptoms.  We look ahead to the transition and college experience in a realistic way and discuss the obstacles that they will need to navigate college life on their own. The student gains an understanding of their diagnosis and the essential ingredients for staying stable and healthy.  Before leaving for college, the student can benefit from life skills fostered under parental monitoring. This way, students will feel confident and competent once they are on their own.

College students

Similar to my college-bound clients, I provide psychotherapy services to college students who have returned home because of difficulties, or who are going to college locally. In the context of psychotherapy we create a college success plan, addressing the issues or diagnoses they are struggling with.

Post-college and Young Adults

I provide psychotherapy services to men and women in their 20’s who are moving towards adulthood. With today’s challenging job market, many young adults are confused by what direction to take, and discouraged by obstacles to personal and professional independence.

Distress often manifests in anxiety and depression.  Some young adults have physical problems including headaches, difficulty sleeping, irritability, and digestive issues. The desire for a partner may come with intimacy issues and psychotherapy is a wonderful opportunity to work through issues that are interfering with connection and happiness. Through discussion in a supportive, objective and interactive relationship, insights and new coping strategies are learned that can positively transform adult lives.


My 37 years of experience as an adult psychotherapist have given me a wealth of clinical expertise to treat stress, anxiety, depression and the medical complaints that frequently accompany major life transitions.  These transitions include: becoming new parents, marriage, divorce, menopause, aging, the loss of loved ones, career transitions and the loss of employment. I use a combination of approaches, based on my evaluation of what may be most effective, as well as my clients’ response on an ongoing basis.   These include insight-oriented therapy, mindfulness, meditation, and cognitive behavioral therapy. I am skilled in couples and family therapy and will recommend the best approach.